Cheap Tree Removal Ottawa

Looking for Cheap Tree Removal Ottawa? Tree King is Ottawa’s residential tree service company providing cheap tree removal to nearby residents and surrounding areas. The company provides comprehensive tree care services that enhance tree longevity. Staff at the company regularly undergoes training to help customers reach their tree care goals.

Tree King is completely devoted to its clients’ trees. Tree care is its specialty. The workers have the skills, expertise, and training to meet all customer’s needs. Tree King provides experienced, affordable, and professional tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding services. Every customer receives a written quote from the Nursery, and the staff will contact them to make sure they fully understand their options. The Tree service provider can handle any residential or commercial job, no matter how big or small. When performing tree services, workers use professional machinery and safety equipment to prevent injury and damage to property.

Tree Removal Service

You can trust our team to remove your tree safely and efficiently due to their over ten years of experience. Tree King looks forward to helping you keep your urban trees. Its skilled crews can remove trees of any size or shape using industry-leading techniques in cases where a tree becomes a hazard.

The arborists at Tree King are insured.

Employees of Tree King are covered by WSIB and by 2 million in liability insurance. To date, no claims have appeared.

Is a tree removal permit required?

To cut trees with a diameter greater than 50 cm, an Ottawa By-Law requires a Distinctive Tree Permit. A few exceptions include solariums, roof gardens, interiors, golf courses, and nurseries. According to the by-laws, cutting trees larger than 50 cm is prohibited for purely aesthetic reasons. It is easy for you and stress-free for Tree King’s expert arborists to apply for a permit and cut your unwanted tree.

What Is The Right Time To Remove A Tree?

It is crucial to remove dying trees as soon as possible. Leaving a dead tree standing for an extended period makes it more challenging to climb and remove. The tree may cause structural damage to the building’s frame or foundation if it grows too close. Another example is if it crowds nearby trees. It is better to remove the tree to improve the health of surrounding trees. An obstruction created by the tree cannot be clear by pruning.

The best time to remove trees in Ottawa is during the winter, although any time can be considered. A number of factors make this the right time to remove trees. The frozen ground keeps nearby trees in place while moving a tree for removal. Winter also means that trees are dormant, meaning they have no leaves, are lighter, and can be easily cut down.

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