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Do your trees need a little extra love and care? Make sure they are properly trimmed and pruned to ensure they are as healthy and beautiful as possible. Tree King Ottawa is proud to offer a wide range of arborists services, including high quality tree trimming services and tree pruning services in Ottawa

Though people often use tree pruning and tree trimming interchangeably, they are in fact two separate things.

Tree Pruning is when you remove dead, loose, or infected branches or stems from your tree or plant. Tree pruning is typically done once a year, and ensures proper health and growth of your tree. When dead, broken, or infected branches are removed the tree can focus its energy on its remaining healthy parts, ensuring it grows and remains healthy.

Tree Trimming is when you cut back overgrown plant branches, typically to achieve a clean look. Tree trimming is ideally done twice a year to achieve the best results. On top of making your trees look better, tree trimming makes the canopy less dense, allowing moisture to escape and more air and light into the canopy which encourages growth. It also reduces the weight of the canopy and reduces the likelihood that branches will break off in high winds.

Types of Professional Tree Pruning

There are many benefits to trimming and pruning your trees regularly. :

  • Improves the overall health of your trees
  • Helps counterbalance root loss
  • Helps you detect diseases before they reach advanced stages
  • Increases your tree’s productivity
  • Makes your tree look better
  • Prevents damage from falling branches
  • Adds value to your property

Make sure your trees are as healthy and look great with Tree King, Ottawa’s top Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Service. Our experienced arborists are expertly trained to understand exactly what your trees need, and how to prune or trim them for the best possible outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

For most varieties of trees found in Ottawa, the best time to trim them is in the late winter or early spring. Trimming or pruning the tree is ideally done before leaves have bloomed. That being said, different trees sometimes require different trimming and pruning schedules. Some trees like Oak or Elm can be pruned in the late fall, while other trees such as apple, crab-apple, cherry, and plum trees are trimmed in spring. In order to get the best out of your tree, make sure you get it trimmed by the certified arborists at Tree King.

While tree trimming and tree pruning both involve the removal of branches from a tree, there is a difference between the two practices.

Tree trimming is a mostly aesthetic practice, where the arborist seeks to cut back overgrown branches, giving your tree an attractive shape which also promotes growth. Tree trimming is also done to prevent trees from coming into contact with power lines or other hazards.

Tree pruning on the other hand is a process whereby dead, loose, or infected branches and stems are removed from the trees. This ensures that the plant does not lose resources to these damaged parts, allowing them to grow and be productive.

If your trees are in need of trimming or pruning, contact Tree King today. Our arborists will expertly trim or prune your trees, ensuring proper growth.

Tree topping is a process where the larger branches from the tree top are removed, leaving behind the stubs and lateral branches of the tree. Tree King does not top trees, as it is harmful to their wellbeing. Tree topping causes wounds that are difficult for trees to heal, and also exposes parts of the tree to heat and sunlight which it is not prepared for, causing further damage. If you have a tree that is too tall and you need to reduce its height, we recommend getting crown reduction instead of topping.

Tree crown reduction is a way to reduce the overall size of a tree, without causing significant damage to it like tree topping does. Crown reduction consists of removing some of the branch tips and pruning the tree back to a growth point lower down on the branch. While this process is typically done to reduce the overall size of the tree, it can also be done to remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches from the tree. Tree crown reduction is better than tree topping because it causes far less damage to the plant, allowing it to grow better. If you have a tree that is too large, we recommend getting a crown reduction.