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Comprehensive tree pruning, tree removal, hedge trimming, and more. Delivered with a commitment to quality, honesty, and customer satisfaction.

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    Our comprehensive tree care services in Ottawa include tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, and hedge trimming. We’re dedicated to providing quality and expert care.


    Our expert team offers comprehensive tree removal services tailored to meet your specific needs. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we guarantee safe, efficient, and affordable solutions for all your tree removal needs in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.


    Do you have an unsightly tree stump on your property? Maybe you’ve just had a tree removed and need the stump removed? Don’t worry, Tree King, the expert stump removal service, is here you.


    Are you looking to maintain the health, beauty, and safety of your trees in Ottawa? Look no further! Our professional tree pruning services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your trees and landscape.


    The Tree King team aren’t just experts with trees. We also specialize in hedge trimming services as well! Our certified arborists know what your hedges need; whether it is hedge trimming, shaping, pruning, or removal.

    Tree King Ottawa Residential Tree Services


    At Tree King, we are entirely dedicated to our clients and their trees. Our team of arborists have the knowledge, training and experience to fulfill of all your tree care needs in the safest manor possible.

    Whether you require tree pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding we are able to provide experienced, professional and affordable services to help you around your property. When you contact Tree King, we take the time to thoroughly explain all of your options and provide you with a detailed written quote. Our combined expertise in residential and commercial jobs allows us to tackle jobs of any size, from the single tree in your backyard to a large contract. When completing a tree service, we use professional equipment and approved safety gear to eliminate the risk of personal injury and damage to property.

    Tree King Ottawa Tree Removal



    Faiz Shaikh
    Faiz Shaikh
    Amazing service and a great crew. Tree King dropped some large trees and in the right direction and cut them up nicely. The guys will be my go to guys for any future work. Thanks for the quick turnaround and for working through the rainy weather. Also want to say that I appreciate the advice provided. They were never too busy to explain any questions ( and I had a bunch).
    D Michaels
    D Michaels
    Really pleased with the tree pruning, on time, courteous team, excellent work and clean up!
    John Conroy
    John Conroy
    About 8-10 years had passed since our big maple tree in the front yard got any attention. TREE KING did a wonderful job giving it a trim and cleaning it up. Their team was safe, tidy, and professional. They finished just in time for spring, which was perfect. We’re really happy with the job they did, especially because they left our yard clean and didn’t leave any mess behind. We’ll definitely be calling them again and would recommend their services to anyone."
    Jean Schryer
    Jean Schryer
    Very happy with the results and excellent clean up job as well, we highly recommend Tree King 😎👍
    Dorothy Marko
    Dorothy Marko
    Great job. Cleaned up after and were done in no time at all. They gave me an estimate of what I wanted and not all the extras another company added.
    Debbie C
    Debbie C
    We planted our tree May 1990 and a few weeks ago a very large limb broke off in the night with no wind or rain! Tree King came immediately to remove the limb and debrie off our house and fence connecting to the Neighbours. They assessed our very large Locust tree and found it diseased and cracked higher up which could result in damage to our house and our Neighbours on both sides of us. They did excellent work in taking down this very large tree! They were also excellent and very meticulous in the clean up of our property and the Neighbours! We would highly recommended Tree King!
    Christian Strachan
    Christian Strachan
    Very professional we had a stump removed just beside our pool and they used a shield to minimize damage to our shed and pool. There was 0 damage and everything was done in about 30 minutes. Thank you.
    Bob R
    Bob R
    Great crew , took the time to explain the process and how to not overly stress the tree . Moved anything that was in the way . Great job in cleaning up. Highly recomended.
    Garry Comber
    Garry Comber
    Excellent work in taking down a 60 foot tree that was leaning and had lost 2 large branches in the past 2 years. Excellent work and clean up. Highly recommended.



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