Common Tree Diseases in Ottawa & How to Prevent/Cure them

ottawa tree damaged by beetle

If you live in or near Ottawa and own property, you probably have trees near your house. You might require tree service in Ottawa?

Most homeowners usually know the basics about tree care, such as watering, fertilizing, and pruning.

However, as with all things in life, trees and plants can also become ill. Throughout this article, you will learn how to identify the most common tree diseases in Ottawa and how to treat or respond to them.

6 Common Diseases that Kill Trees in Ottawa 

Like humans, trees are not immune to diseases.

Much of the time, trees do their thing – provide shade, help generate oxygen and make your property and your neighborhood more aesthetically pleasing.

emerald ash border on tree in ottawaBut trees, being living organisms, can get sick.

In this case, prevention is key. Protecting your trees from invasive pests and species will keep them strong and healthy, increasing the value of your estate.

But how can one keep bugs and illnesses at bay? 

The Most Common Threats to Trees in Ottawa

Tree Canada identifies three categories of invasive species: diseases, insects and plants. 

Here are the most common invasive tree killers in Ottawa.

Emerald Ash Borer:

This species, native to China, was first spotted in the country in 2002.

Since then, the emerald ash border has killed more than 260,000 hectares of forests only in Ontario. A report by the Weather Network says that it can kill up 99% of ash trees.

The beetles feature a shiny green body and are around 1,2 inches long. The trees infected by them get yellowing leaves, and the most common way to control this pest is to drench the soil around the tree with diluted insecticide. 

Asian Longhorn Beetle

ottawa tree damaged by beetleThese insects were first found in Toronto in 2003, but experts believe the species was transported from Asia to North America much earlier.

Asian longhorn beetles are 1,4 inches long with black and white antennae, and can be found feeding on leaves and twigs in the summer.

Their favorite trees are maple, sycamore, elm, mountain ash, horse chestnut, and birch. The most effective way to get rid of these insects when they cause infestation is by tree removal in Ottawa or nearby areas

Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle:

First found in Nova Scotia in 1998, these beetles can be 5 inches long, and can be recognized by their dark head and thorax and brown abdomen.

This species generally attacks mature spruce trees. To assure the potency and efficacy of insecticide, talk to your local, trusted arborist. 

Magnolia Scale |Tree Service in Ottawa

maple tree at ottawa houseOne of the largest scale insects found in Canada, this species feeds on magnolia and tulip trees´ sap.

Signs of infestation are the sticky honeydew and the black fungus that grows on them.

To control it successfully, you must spray the right insecticide at a very particular time.

Beech Bark Disease | Tree Service in Ottawa 

Caused by scale insect and nectria fungus, this disease usually attacks mature beech trees.

The wingless insects can be 0.5 to 1mm long, and may be present when you notice dark red fruit-like conformations on the bark. 

Professional Tree Service in Ottawa

To the untrained eye, many of the symptoms might be difficult to diagnose.

To prevent further damage or treat / respond to existing tree illness, contact the certified arborists at Tree King in Ottawa.