Tree Pruning Ottawa

Pruning is a widespread tree maintenance procedure meant to shape and direct the tree to grow in a desired direction. Pruning may sound simple and straightforward, but it is not a DIY project. If you are not a skilled professional, we recommend that you keep away from it. Poor pruning may damage the tree or, worse still, cause it to die. If you plan to prune your Ottawa trees, get a certified arborist to do it for you.

Why You Need Tree Pruning in Ottawa

It is important to prune the trees while they are young and then regularly as they grow. Below are the top five reasons why tree pruning is necessary.

To remove dead branches: It is important to always cut off dead branches because if left to grow along with the healthy ones, they might affect them.

Tree pruning promotes fruit production: If you have fruit trees, pruning can help you harvest more. Removing the dead limbs keeps away diseases and encourages more fruits to grow.

It keeps diseases away: Cutting off the sickly branches stops any disease, fungi, or decay from spreading to the healthy branches. It also allows good sunlight and better air circulation, which reduces the risk of infection.

It makes the place safe: Long overhanging branches that grow over power lines pose great danger. Dead branches can also be blown away by strong winds and fall, causing injuries or property damage.

For a clear and beautiful environment: Depending on where you live, failure to prune can block a beautiful view. Also, trimming the trees to different shapes makes them look more attractive, thus a beautiful home.

How Tree Pruning Is Done

As we have already mentioned, pruning is better left to experts. The best time to start pruning a tree is when planting. It gives the tree a strong structure and a healthy foundation for great growth. The tree can then be pruned from time to time as it grows.

Pruning can be done for an already grown tree, but it is not as effective because it may have already malformed or may be too ridged for some adjustments.

When pruning to shape the plant, avoid cutting the leader. Also, remove any crossing branches or ones that grow back towards the center of the tree. To raise the crown, remove the lower branches as the tree grows.

When pruning older trees, cut limbs ¼ inch above a bud away from the tree to encourage new growth. Remember to make the cuts at 45-degrees to prevent water damage and disease.

Trees that have been properly pruned form a callus where the branch was removed. The callus is good for the health of the tree.

Tree Pruning Tips

Below are a few tips for great pruning:

  • Remove diseased, and dead branches.
  • Remove any downward-growing branches.
  • If any limbs are crossed or entangled completely cut off, one of them
  • If any limbs along the trunk appear bigger in diameter than the trunk, remove them
  • Clear any suckers emerging from the roots or low on the trunk

Besides controlling the size and shape of your trees, regular pruning keeps your trees healthy and productive. Trees can be left to grow independently, but they might not reach their full potential or even live long enough.

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