How to Hire Tree Cutting and Removal Services in Ottawa?

How to Hire a Tree Cutting and Removal Service in Ottawa?

If you want to hire a tree cutting and Ottawa Tree Removal service, you will have a lot of questions running through your mind and also a lot of Ottawa tree service providers to choose from.  Tree removal is highly technical in some cases and it is necessary to hire professional.  Some of the professional tree removal service providers offer exclusive training to their team members. It is not about cutting the branches from anywhere, it requires proper planning and execution of the tree cutting and removal procedures.

Information that you must obtain when Hiring a Tree Cutting Service

For maintaining the trees and to ensure that it remains free from damage while retaining the original structure, the Ottawa Tree Cutting professional service providers can provide excellent services. Before hiring any of these service providers, you must have review information about them such as mentioned below.

Credentials of the Company – Checking the credentials and past records of the company can give you a better understanding and information about the company.  You may ask them to provide references of their previous work. Also, you must find out if they have the license to cut the trees as well as the necessary insurance.  Not every company possesses the mandatory license and insurance.  Therefore, opt for the one that has all the necessary credentials.  Removing trees is a tough job and requires experience, to make your home and surroundings appear beautiful, you must invest your money with the right company.

Specifications– Find out about the pricing policies and the services that the tree removal company is providing. The price of the service depends on the height of the tree. Whereas some of the companies charge a per hour basis along with the extra charges for the travel as they need to carry all the equipment in certain cases.  Apart from that, ask your tree removal company what extra work they will do. Some of the companies cut the tree and leave the trunk. Whereas, some of them leave the items to be managed by the home owner. Only some of the companies go the extra mile to deliver the best services such as grinding the stump and haul away the branches, etc.

Hiring a Tree Removal Service Provider

Home owners avail themselves of the tree removal services frequently to get rid of the trees that are infested with pests or appear to be dangerous for the home. Tree removal services not only help you to set your house and surroundings free from unwanted trees but also make the home look presentable. Consider the cost that is involved in the tree removal services, you must select the best Ottawa Tree Removal company.

Questions that you must ask from AN Ottawa Tree Removal Company

When you are all set to remove a tree from your property and when you are finalizing any professional tree removal service, then ask them as many questions to find out more about their services and what they specialize in. The history of their work, their team, equipment required etc.  Some of the questions that you may wish to ask the Ottawa Tree Removal company are as follows:

  1. Will you provide a Copy of their License and Insurance?

A license is necessary for the tree removal company to do the tree removal work, therefore, always insist on asking for the license. Besides, insurance is important so that you do not have to pay for any accidents from your own pocket. If the insurance is there, losses, if any, will be covered by the insurance company.

  1. Ask for a list of References.

Most of the tree removal companies list their past work or references on their website. In any case, you can ask them to provide you with a list of past work they have done and you can check out those homes or areas where they have provided tree removal services in the past.

  1. Ask for an Estimated Price

A detailed estimate or the budget for removing the tree will give you a fair idea of the charges. You can compare the charges with other tree removal companies and select the best one. Find out other costs involved such as removing the stump, etc.

  1. Time Required in the process of Removing the Tree

Ask the tree removal company about the approximate time they would require for the removal of the tree.  By this, you can find out which company is providing the shortest time frame for removing the tree. Accordingly, you can finalize the one that offers the shortest time for the services.

  1. Check out the Equipment that will be used by the Tree Removal Company.

The tree removal companies use a lot of equipment such as axes, grinders, chainsaws, safety gear, trucks etc. when it comes to removing the tree. You must ask the tree removal company what equipment that they are will use. On the basis of their consideration, you can decide which company is using the latest and right tools and equipment.

These are some of the basics that you must consider when hiring any tree cutting or tree removal company. The above-mentioned tips and a series of questions will help you in finalizing the Ottawa tree removal company that offers the best prices and services.

What is the necessary information to obtain from the Tree Trimming Services company?

What is the Necessary Information to Obtain from the Tree Trimming Services Company?

Due to environmental conditions and variation in the temperature, the trees and shrubs may get impacted. As a result, diseases, and infestation of pests become some of the common issues with the trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs require maintenance to upkeep their health and to prevent them from dying.  Therefore, the tree owners require tree trimming and pruning frequently. This keeps the dead leaves and branches away and maintains the beauty of the surroundings as well.  Not all tree owners are aware of how to maintain the trees and shrubs or how to prune and trim them.  Instead of beautification, there are chances that the trees or shrubs may get harm or get too much pruned. If you are not well aware or do not have the knowledge then it is better to hire a professional Ottawa Tree Pruning and trimming company that can do the job for you professionally and efficiently.

The tree trimming services are very helpful when you do not want to harm the trees or unable to reach out to overgrown branches.  However, when you plan to hire any tree trimming company, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. Here is our list of some of the common questions that you must ask any Ottawa Tree Pruning and trimming company before you finalize or hire them.

Questions that you must ask the Ottawa Tree Pruning and Trimming Company

The Ottawa Tree Pruning and trimming company must provide you all the necessary answers and information related to their areas of specialization. Following are some of the questions that you must ask them:

  1. Do you have the Necessary License and Insurance?

Not every Ottawa Tree Pruning and trimming company have the requisite license and insurance for tree cutting, trimming or pruning. The license is necessary for such jobs and insurance provides safety to the workers.

  1. Ask for their Past Work or the References where they have provided the Services?

Checking out the past work or reference will give you an idea of the kind of job they have done earlier and if they are worth hiring.  Their references can also tell you, if only you will visit them, about the quality of service, time required or if they are satisfied with the work.

  1. Ask for the Cost Estimate

A discussion regarding the cost estimate will give you a rough idea if their services are within your budget or not.  Although, trimming and pruning require professional services the cost must be reasonable.

  1. Find out about the estimated Time required in completing the Tree Trimming Work.

The time estimate for the trimming of trees depends upon the height of the trees, condition of the tree and the volume of trees along with the surrounding shrubs.

  1. Will you dispose of the Branches and the Limbs after the Trimming of Trees?

Some of the tree trimming companies do not dispose of the branches and the limbs after completing the services.  And it becomes your responsibility to dispose of the broken limbs, branches and dead leaves after they are chopped off. Therefore, it is better to ask the tree trimming company if they are going to dispose of the chopped branches and limbs of the tree.

Which is the best Time for Trimming and Pruning the Trees

People prefer to trim their trees during the summer or spring season. However, it is suggested that the dormant season is ideal for the trimming of the trees. But in case there is any urgency or the trimming becomes necessary, then you can trim the trees as and when it is required. Sometimes there is a need to trim the trees that are near power lines.

In case your trees and shrubs appear to be close to the power lines, then it is better to contact the power company and reach out to them for help. They do not generally charge for trimming the trees. It is better to be safe than to face any mishap. If you are unable to reach out to the power company, then you must contact Ottawa Tree Trimming company who can trim the branches that are touching the power lines or growing near to the power lines.

The best tree trimming company makes the trimming job, easier, faster and in an affordable manner. Moreover, the trees and shrubs appear beautiful.  Tree King is one of the leading and renowned tree trimming, pruning and tree removal services provided, located in Ottawa, Canada. Their prices are right and their services are great. They have experienced and skilled manpower who uses the latest and modern equipment along with the best techniques for your trees.

City Of Ottawa Tree Removal

Trees are an important component of our natural environment, and having some on your property can man make it more aesthetically appealing. However, if a tree on your property is becoming a nuisance or even a safety hazard, then you may have to get it removed. However, the city of Ottawa is committed to protecting trees, and therefore, it has bylaws that have made it illegal for you to wake up one morning and decide to remove a tree from your property. If you need a tree removed from your property, you may have to acquire the necessary permits and follow the law to avoid getting in trouble.

The good news is that you do not have to take this journey on your own. Instead, you can simply talk to an experienced tree removal company in Ottawa to help you handle the entire process. Professionals do this every day, and they understand what needs to be done at each stage to ensure that your tree is removed safely in accordance with the city of Ottawa tree removal law. Below are some other benefits that you can expect by hiring a tree removal company such as Tree King.

Determine if you need a Permit

According to the law governing tree removal in Ottawa, a tree with a diameter of 50cm or more requires a permit to be removed. If you are not sure of how you can determine the diameter of the tree that you need to remove, we will help you measure it. If it is more than 50 cm, we will guide you on the process of acquiring the necessary City Of Ottawa tree removal permits. This will go a long way in ensuring that the tree is removed procedurally.

Avoid Damages on Your Property

Tree removal can be a dangerous endeavor. If a tree lands on a section of your house, it can lead to damages that may cost you a lot of money to fix. To avoid such an eventuality, you need to work with a person with the necessary experience, skills, and equipment for the job. This is what we at Tree King are best known for. We have what it takes to get rid of your tree without causing any damages to your property.

Avoid Getting Hurt

As mentioned above, tree removal is a daunting task that can pose a serious safety hazard. You, your family, or even your pet could get seriously hurt if you decide to do the job on your own. By hiring a professional, you can get the job done without taking the risk of hurting yourself or your family.


Although the risk of property damages and personal injuries can significantly be reduced by deciding to hire a professional tree removal, these problems can still occur in the course of removing a tree. The good news is that professionals have adequate insurance covers against such issues. For instance, if your property gets damaged as we remove a tree, our insurance will compensate you for the financial loss that you may incur in repairs.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, if you need a tree on your Ottawa property removed, then you need to work with experts. If you need professional tree removal services in Ottawa, Tree King is an excellent choice. Get in touch with us today for more information about our company and services.

Ottawa Tree Trimming

Keep Trees Healthy with Ottawa Tree Trimming Services

A few trees around the compound can make a lot of difference on the landscape. Besides providing shade, trees make your landscape prettier not to mention they improve the air quality. However, all these benefits are only available if you can keep your trees in good health, which takes a lot of work. Tree trimming is one way to ensure that trees remain attractive for a long time. However, not just anyone can trim trees. It takes the right tools and skills. For this reason, hiring professional tree trimming services in Ottawa is recommended. Arborists know how to cut trees to suit your needs. We offer expert tree trimming in Ottawa and its environs. Whatever the type, size or age of the tree, we will leave your tree looking neat and healthy.

When to Get Tree Trimming Services

Not everyone might know the ideal time to hire Ottawa tree trimming services. Knowing the signs to watch out for, allows you to call for professional help before things get out of hand. One obvious instant to hire our services is if trees are too close to utility lines. In the instance of extreme weather, such a tree can knock out power. Also, proximity to power lines is a safety hazard. A trimming professional knows how to cut parts of the tree safely.

Besides utility lines, trees that are too close to buildings can also be a problem. Having tree branches brushing against the side of a house or the roof can be annoying. Extreme weather can present certain risks like branches falling on the roof. Trimming the troublesome branches would solve these issues.

Consider professional trimming services if your trees have gone too long without trimming or pruning. Lack of pruning causes dead and loose branches. Apart from being unsightly, an untrimmed tree can be dangerous. Dead and hanging branches can fall on vehicles, people or houses. So, a proper trim decreases these risks.

You can hire our trimming services to shape your trees. If you are aiming for a particular landscape theme and want the tree to blend in, then trimming them would help. Our arborists can trim trees in an array of shapes, allowing you to boost curb appeal.

Hire Qualified Tree Trimming Experts

Property owners have numerous services to choose from for Ottawa tree trimming. However, not every company provides reliable services. Before hiring tree services, consider the reputation of the company. We are among the top tree professionals in Ottawa. Our arborists and other experts are experienced and well-trained. Because our company is licensed and certified, you can trust the quality of services that we offer. Trimmers can work on your property without you having to fret about liability. As much as skills are necessary, trimming and pruning require specific tools. We use high standard equipment to make certain that each job turns out as desired. Another benefit of hiring arborists is that you can get advice about how to care for your trees.

Trimming and pruning are critical to a tree’s health. When done right and in good time, trimming stimulates trees and contributes to good health. Pruning and trimming help with disease management. Some common pests to watch out for in Ottawa include scale insects, aphids and needle cast fungi. Therefore, hire professional trimmers to remove the unwanted elements on trees. We offer experienced arborists who will leave your trees in great shape and looking beautiful.

Contact your Ottawa Tree King for more information and to schedule an onsite visit.