Ottawa Arborist Tree Removal Service

At Tree King we advocate for the preservation of your urban trees. That being said, in some cases trees become a hazard and must be removed. Our skilled crews can remove any shape or size of tree using industry leading techniques. With over 10 years experience within our team, you can rest assured your tree will be removed properly and safely.

When Should A Tree Be Removed?

  • If a tree is dead or dying. It is crucial to get the tree removed as soon as possible. The longer the tree is left, the more dangerous it will be to climb and remove.
  • If the tree is growing too close to a building and potentially causing structural damage to the frame or foundation.
  • If the tree is crowding other trees and causing harm. It is better to remove the tree to improve the health of the surrounding trees.
  • If the tree is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct by safely pruning.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

According to Ottawa By-law, trees with a diameter greater than 50cm must have a Distinctive Tree Permit in order to be felled and removed. There are exceptions for trees located within buildings, solariums, rooftop gardens, or interiors, golf courses, or a nursery. The by-laws do not allow for trees with a diameter larger than 50cm to be removed for purely aesthetic reasons. Tree King’s team of expert arborists will accompany you throughout the process of applying for a permit and felling your unwanted tree, making things easy and stress-free for you.

Are Tree King’s Arborists Insured?

Yes, Tree King carries 2 million in liability insurance along with WSIB coverage for all our team members. We are proud to have a claim free history. (Proof of insurance is available upon request).

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The city of Ottawa has robust by-laws governing the removal of trees from private property. If the tree you wish to remove from your property measures more than 50 cm in diameter, the city requires that you obtain a distinctive tree permit. In order to obtain a distinctive tree permit, you must first receive an arborist report from a certified arborist. If you have a tree you would like removed from your property, start with contacting Tree King, Ottawa’s Tree experts.

While the trees you might want to remove are on your property, they nonetheless provide benefits to surrounding properties and the community. One of Ottawa’s greatest advantages is the fact that it is lush and green (at least in the spring and summer!), and to preserve this the City has established a comprehensive tree conservation program. Removing small trees with a diameter of less than 50 cm is  up to the property owners, however the City has legislated that mature trees cannot be removed without first going through a process unless there is an risk to safety or property damage. While it may seem like a hassle, these by-laws are in place to ensure that Ottawa remains green and comfortable for years to come.

Trees can be removed at any time throughout the year in Ottawa, though one of the best times to do it is during winter. There are a few reasons why this is the best time to remove trees. The frozen ground helps keep the trees near the one being removed in place, helping them stay in place as it gets moved. Trees are also dormant in the winter, meaning they are leafless, lighter, easier to handle and cut down. If you need a tree removed this winter, contact Tree King!

With our general tree removal service, tree stump grinding is not included. When we remove a tree we cut it down and remove it, leaving behind about 6 inches of tree stump above the ground. Removing a tree and grinding a tree stump are two different jobs which require different skills and equipment. Tree King is happy to grind down your tree stump after you remove a tree, but let us know beforehand!