Trees are beautiful and useful beings that serve us in many ways. Sometimes, they may serve us better when they are cut down.

When you cut down a tree, you remain with a stump which is much harder to remove than the tree. If you live in Ottawa, you will require a tree removal service to help you.

We are a trump removal service in Ottawa that will help you remove any tree stump before it starts decaying and dying. We are qualified to remove a tree stump of any volume or length.

Having a tree stump on your property is not only dangerous but it is also quite unsightly. Tree King will help your property be safer as well as more attractive by removing the stump.

We have a commercial grade grinder that we use to effectively remove the stump. We will also ensure that your lawn or backyard is dressed and seeded once we are done with the stump removal.

Our staff is highly trained and professional so they will ensure that the stump removal in Ottawa is done in as efficient and safe a manner as possible. They will ensure that your landscaping looks as pleasing as ever.

Our services include:

Reasons for Stump Removal


One of the most vital reasons why you should consider removing a tree stump on your property is that it can attract termites. A tree stump is a conducive breeding ground for many wood eating insects such as ants, beetles and flies with termites being one of the most destructive.

The termites can affect the structural integrity of your whole property. Hiring Tree King’s tree removal services in Ottawa should help you prevent that.

Fungal Infections

Tree stumps are also a perfective environment for the growth of fungi. The fungi will not only eat the stump of the tree but will spread to other plants.

The fungal infections on a tree stump will endanger your health and the health of your loved ones too. Removing a tree stump is hence beneficial to preventing infections to you and your property.

Accidents and Injuries

Evidence shows that tree stumps are a major cause of accidents and injuries to people and animals. It is easy to hit a stump at night because it is very difficult to see.

The injuries sustained are dangerous because the wood might be infected. choosing the best tree and stump removal service in Ottawa should help you reduce the chance of any injuries and accidents on your property.

Aesthetic Appeal

A tree stump sticks out like a sore thumb on your backyard or lawn. It significantly reduces the curb appeal of your property.

Having a tree removal service in Ottawa remove a tree stump from your property will increase its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, your house will be quite more valuable without the stump.

Why Choose Us?

Tree King has an incredible amount of experience with tree removal in Ottawa. We have worked on various projects which has required us to remove trees and stumps of all sizes.

Our staff of expert professionals is utterly devoted to the safety and health of our clients. They will do whatever they can to ensure that the tree stump is not a hazard to your family or property.

We are always available for you and you should contact the best tree removal service in Ottawa today for a free quote.