Signs you might need to remove a tree from your property

Trees add beauty, shade, and character to any property, but there are times when removing a tree becomes necessary. If you’re in Ottawa and wondering whether you should remove a tree from your property, consider these common reasons for removal, along with the potential consequences of ignoring them.

Safety Concerns

Safety is often the primary reason for tree removal. If a tree is dead, dying, or has unstable branches, it poses a risk to people and property. In Ottawa, storms, strong winds, and heavy snow can exacerbate these risks. Removing a hazardous tree helps prevent potential injury or damage.

Disease or Pests

Trees can suffer from various diseases or pest infestations, such as emerald ash borer or Dutch elm disease. If left untreated, these issues can spread to other trees, causing more widespread damage. Removing an infected tree may be necessary to protect the health of surrounding trees and plants.

Structural Damage

Trees with large root systems can cause structural damage to foundations, driveways, and sidewalks. Over time, roots may grow into pipes or sewer lines, leading to costly repairs. If a tree is causing or is likely to cause such damage, removal might be the best option.

Landscaping and Aesthetic Reasons

Sometimes, a tree doesn’t fit into a landscaping plan or blocks the view. While this reason is less urgent than safety or disease, it can still impact your property’s value and aesthetic appeal. Removing a tree that disrupts your landscape design or obstructs views can enhance your property’s overall appearance.

Obstruction of Utilities or Infrastructure

Trees growing too close to power lines, streetlights, or other infrastructure can be problematic. They can cause power outages or require frequent trimming, which can weaken the tree over time. Removing a tree that interferes with utilities can be a proactive way to avoid future complications.

Construction and Property Development

If you’re planning an addition to your home, a new driveway, or other property development, a tree might be in the way. In these cases, removal may be necessary to proceed with construction. However, it’s crucial to check with Ottawa’s local authorities for any permits or regulations related to tree removal, especially for protected species.

Tree Has Outgrown Its Space

A tree that has outgrown its designated space can crowd out other plants, block sunlight, or even damage structures. This can lead to an unhealthy garden or pose risks during storms. Removing an overgrown tree can give other plants space to thrive and improve the safety of your property.


Removing a tree from your property in Ottawa is a significant decision, but there are valid reasons to consider it. Whether due to safety concerns, disease, structural damage, landscaping needs, utility obstructions, construction plans, or overcrowding, removal can sometimes be the best choice. Always consult with a certified arborist to evaluate your tree’s health and explore all options before proceeding. If removal is necessary, ensure you comply with Ottawa’s local regulations to avoid any legal complications.