When you need stump grinding

After handling the tedious work of removing or cutting down a tree and its branches using a chain saw, what is usually left is a deep-rooted and sturdy tree stump. Unfortunately, that leaves homeowners with several questions that get them confused. For example, should I leave it protruding from the ground or remove the entire tree (including the roots) using a tree excavator? You can choose to grind the stump, but the primary challenge is how to get the job done.

When to Consider Stump Grinding Services in Ottawa

One of the major concerns of leaving a stump after tree removal is safety. At first, you might not see the problem of having a stump in your property, but you’ll realize that it becomes a nuisance as time goes by. Tree stumps make landscaping difficult because they get on the way when you mow the lawn. Besides, they become safety hazards because your kids may trip and get injured while playing in the yard.

With the tree trunk removed, the stump also dies and begins to rot and decay. Such a place attracts unwanted pests, such as carpenter ants and termites that soon encroach your home, damaging any wooden fixture in it.

If you have a tree stump in your home and you’re concerned about these issues, then grinding the stump down is the best way to alleviate trip hazards within your compound and preventing the invasion of damaging pests and bugs.

When Is the Best Time to Grind an Existing Tree Stump?

There is no rule of thumb as to when you need to consider tree removal or stump grinding. However, professional arborists recommend grinding tree stumps in winter. Below is the reason why winter is the ideal time for stump grinding.

In winter, snowfall can cover the ground to about a foot high. Continued precipitation leads to more accumulation of snow powder around and above the stump, exerting too much weight on the stump. That causes them to weaken and decompose at a higher rate, and as such would be best to consider stump grinding and removal.

Due to the decaying organic matter from dead tree stumps, fresh foliage, shrubs, and trees may start growing around the stump. These usually grow without proper arrangement or planning. It would be best if you ground the tree stump to prepare the area for planned landscaping. Grinding the tree stump levels it with the ground in preparation for spring shrub growth.

Benefits of Ottawa Stump Grinding

Fast and Straightforward

Unlike stump and tree removal, grinding is quick and less tedious. Professional arborists use special equipment to grind the stump into chunks and pieces of woodchips during the grinding process. It is a more effective process than removing the stump. Some fell trees are huge, leaving large stumps that release huge piles of chips. The upside to that is that you can use the chips for mulching during landscaping projects.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

A landscape with a tree stump looks neglected and untidy. While a stump might not pose serious safety concerns, it lowers the visual appeal of the landscape. To improve the look of your yard, hire stump grinding services to level it up for an enhanced visual impression.


If you have kids or Fidos in your home, a tree stump in the yard can cause trips during play, leading to serious physical injuries and trauma. Moreover, it can damage a lawnmower. You can avoid that by grinding the stump to make the entire space evenly leveled.

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