Ottawa Tree Service

The importance of a good Ottawa Tree Service can never be overemphasized. Trees enhance air quality, provide shade, and also improve your property’s value. All the same, your trees will age with time and might even start to wither. The branches will weaken and get easily broken by harsh conditions such as wind and heavy rains. Sometimes, your trees might be infested by diseases and insects, which they can spread to the other lot. At that moment, the tree can become a nuisance and can be downright hazardous. That is precisely where Tree King Ottawa comes in.

Tree King Ottawa is your to-go-to company for all your Ottawa tree service needs. We provide a wide range of tree services and solutions aimed to encourage tree conservation. Of course, we have been in the industry for years, offering our clients professional quality tree services that conform to the highest industry standards. Even so, our staff continually undergoes regular training to help you achieve your property goals and attain your vision for the health and longevity of your trees. We are well equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge required, guaranteeing quality, reliable and commendable services. Trust that we will accomplish the task timely, carefully, and safely.

Our Ottawa tree services include:

Ottawa Tree Service | Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an integral management practice as much as tree health and longevity are concerned. Our tree pruning services involve removing broken, dead, dying, and disease-infested stubs and branches. Removing the damaged and unproductive parts will create room for new growth while preventing disease and pest infestation. Besides, standard pruning facilitates the free flow of air through the tree, preventing moisture build-up, leading to severe infection cases. It also reduces the canopy weight, minimizing branch breakage. Our Arborists at Tree King Ottawa are well trained, experienced, and equipped and can quickly determine your tree needs and guarantee the best Ottawa tree services

Ottawa Tree Service | Stump Grinding Ottawa Tree Services

Maybe your tree fell, and you have been wondering how to eliminate the stump. Or perhaps you had a tree removed, and the stump was left on site. Trust Tree King for quick, reliable, and safe trump removal services regardless of tree size or location. We understand that a tree stump can leave your yard looking shabby, and removing it might be the first step in restoring the yard’s visual appeal. We have invested in a state-of-the-art grade grinder which we use to shred your wood stump into small wood chips, which are significantly easy to manage and transport. Once we are done eliminating the stump, we will clean up and provide topdressing and seeding to give your yard a brand new look.

Ottawa Tree Service | Tree Removal

At Tree King Ottawa, we encourage and advocate for tree planting and conservation practices. All the same, we understand that there are some cases where a tree might pose a threat calling for removal. Our trained, skilled, and arborists guarantee quality removal practices regardless of your tree size, shape, or location. We apply the leading techniques in the industry to ensure that the procedure is smooth and safe. We will walk with you every step of the way and help you acquire the necessary permits required for safe tree felling. We will also help you understand the numerous requirements and abide by the tree-felling laws stated by Ottawa By-laws. After the removal, our arborists will clean up after themselves and clear off the debris from the site leaving it neat.

If you are looking for professional Ottawa tree services in Ottawa, you have found us. Contact our professional arborists at Tree King Ottawa today for expert services are a well-done job.

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