The Ottawa Tree Service Process

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You should immediately remove a dead, diseased or otherwise hazardous tree. However, cutting down a tree might be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. A professional Ottawa tree service is advisable since removing trees on your own may be risky.

To safely work with trees, you need specific equipment and years of expertise, both of which you lack. But what if this is your first time having a tree cut down? Suppose you have no idea what to anticipate. Don’t fret; assistance is at hand. Below, we will go through every step of getting a tree removed, from contacting professionals to eventually being able to unwind in your garden without worry.

Preparation and consultation

It would help if you started by calling a reliable tree care provider. Project scope, deadlines and desired services are all topics for early discussion. It would help if you also talked about how many trees you want to be removed and where you want them cut down on your land. You’ll make it simpler for the team to be ready for your work if you provide them with as much information as possible in advance.

Send them an email with all the information they’ll need to understand before they come. Once everyone is on board, professional tree removers will set up their equipment and begin marking off parking spaces and traffic routes with cones. They’ll also form effective teams of employees and ensure everyone is clear on their roles and responsibilities throughout the project.

First and foremost, safety

When you start contacting several tree service businesses, you’ll immediately learn they all provide different services. While some are more crucial than others, they all share the importance of safety.

Because of the inherent dangers of working around giant trees and their limbs, the tree service must implement adequate safety measures to prevent harm. Minor accidents, like slips, trips and falls, may add up over time and cost you a lot of money because of the wear and tear they put on your body (in health care costs).

Cut the tree down by its canopy and its branches

The tree is cut down into sections using a chainsaw, and the pieces get lowered to the ground crew. The crew will further reduce the section and other green trash in size using the wood chipper.

Discard the remaining tree trunk by cutting it down

The crew starts with the trunk once the canopy and branches have been effectively cut down. Depending on the tree’s dimensions and terrain, they may use two methods interchangeably. If a tree is too big or in an inconvenient location, the crew will use the more cautious but lengthier approach of chopping it into parts before lowering them to the ground.

Nonetheless, they cut down the remaining trunk if there is enough space and the removal crew has determined it is safe. To fall a tree, one must cut it at an angle with a chainsaw and then allow it to fall to the ground. This can be very hazardous (even fatal) if the tree falls in the wrong direction when done by inexperienced personnel. Let the professionals handle this.

Lift and transport!

It’s finally time to remove┬áthe tree. Most tree trunks are heavy, so it usually requires a team of people to lift them and move them off your land. If necessary, the tree service will cut down and remove huge chunks of a tree trunk separately to avoid damaging any roads or driveways. Professional service providers always bring the right-sized vehicles for the job at hand. While transporting heavy timber, they prioritize safety to ensure no one gets hurt.

You can continue your life without always being distracted by a massive tree trunk. Your service provider’s work in your yard will make your life simpler for months, if not years, to come.

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