Tree Stump Removal Ottawa

Hiring Tree Stump Removal in Ottawa

After cutting down a tree, a stump remains. Tree stumps are unsightly and can interfere with your landscaping plans. Besides being an eye sore, a tree stump allows weed and grass to grow around it, hence giving you more yard work. As they age, tree stumps can cause termite infestation when they rot. For these reasons, you should always consider stump removal after cutting down a tree. Hiring professional tree care services in Ottawa is worth the investment. By finding the best tree stump removal Ottawa has in store, you can ensure that you get rid of the whole thing and keep your yard in good shape.

The Need for Professional Tree Stump Removal

Regardless of how small a tree stump looks, never be tempted to get rid of it yourself. Tree stump removal can be dangerous, especially without the right tools. You could end up damaging your entire yard and not even be able to get the whole stump out. The removal process involves grinding where a power cutting wheel with sharp teeth grinds the stump into wood chips. Called a stump grinder, the machine enters the soil to eliminate the stump above and below ground. The wood chips generated can serve as mulch. A grinder requires proper training and certification to operate safely.

Trying to DIY stump removal would also mean having to hire the right equipment, which can be costly. So, it is more practical to have experienced professionals with the tools and expertise to handle tree stump removal in Ottawa. An arborist knows how to remove tree stumps without destroying the surrounding area. If a stump is near water mains or power lines, the removal process can get tricky. An expert in stump removal knows how to approach such a situation. In instances where permissions are necessary, the removal service can handle it.

Finding the Right Removal Service

Tree stump removal is a highly technical process. Therefore, having an inexperienced person handle it can end badly. Apart from the safety hazards of using grinding equipment incorrect, an amateur can ruin your yard. When hiring tree stump removal in Ottawa, stick to reputable companies.

Look for arborists and other tree professionals who are experienced in removal services. Check a company’s track record for other similar projects. Ensure that the removal experts have the proper certification, especially when it comes to operating cutting and grinding machines. Once you settle in a specific company, you should ask for license and insurance information.

Compare the pricing of several tree stump removal services in Ottawa. Ask about how a company structures its rates. Does it charge per the size of the stump? Is the stump’s location a factor? Such considerations should help you understand the pricing better.

Find out what else is included in the tree stump removal service. Most companies offer clean up. The grinding process will generate shavings and debris, which have to be removed from the yard. You should know beforehand if the removal service will deal with the trash or if you will need to hire a garbage removal service separately.

After deciding on a removal company, ask for an estimate so that you can budget accordingly. Make sure you get a timeframe for the project, as well.

Hiring professional tree stump removal services in Ottawa can save you a lot of problems and money. A removal service uses the right equipment and methods to ensure that your yard is clean and safe.

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