Ottawa Tree Service

Do you have an overgrown tree in your yard and uncontrollable shrubs? Ottawa tree service offers the best ways to take care of your tree and improve your property’s aesthetic quality. Taking care of the trees in your yard adds significant value to your property.

Here are some of the standard Ottawa tree services that you can access:

Tree removal

Significant concerns such as safety, disease, and damage can turn a tree into a liability. The following signs are an indicator that it’s time to remove a tree:

  • Peeling bark, chipped and cracks in the trunk
  • Soil heaving at the base of a tree trunk or beneath a canopy
  • A tree whose trunk is growing fungi such as mushrooms
  • Large scaffold branches or cavities in the trunk
  • Hanging or dead branches in the upper crown

Tree pruning and shrub trimming

Tree pruning and trimming help retain a tree’s health and its natural appearance. Trimming gets rid of unhealthy limbs to prevent the spread of diseases and for safety reasons.

The following signs indicate your tree needs trimming:

  • The tree is too close to power lines
  • The tree branches are too close or touching your home
  • You notice loose, dead, or unsightly hanging branches
  • Your tees haven’t had a trimming in the past three years
  • You would prefer tree shaping for aesthetic appeal.

Cabling and bracing

Tree bracing and cabling is a preventive technique used to offer support to a weak tree. This technique helps reduce stress damage on your tree that could result from the weight of snow or ice, high winds, and heavy foliage.

The installation of cables strengthens weak tree branches to help them better withstand adverse weather conditions and increase their longevity. After installation, the hardware is inspected regularly to ensure it remains safe and secure to ensure the integrity of the tree.

Stump removal and grinding

Tree stumps are a hub for termites, insects, and tree fungi. Tree stumps are not only eyesores, but they also ruin the landscape’s aesthetic flow and lower the value of your property. Stump grinding is one of the easiest ways to get rid of a tree stump. A tree stump can be removed using a stump cutter or grinder by rotating a cutting disk around that chips away from the wood.

Storm Damage tree removal

Storm damage in Ottawa can be brutal. Mature trees are generally robust and resilient, but a storm can cause irreparable damage that may require emergency tree clean-up. After a storm, be on the lookout for broken branches, uprooted trees, fallen branches, and large cracks. It is also possible to have the tree preserved depending on the degree of damage.

Tree risk assessments

It is essential to schedule seasonal tree risk assessments to ensure the trees in your property do not endanger your home. A tree risk assessment identifies potential problems and handles them before they become hazardous or costly.

An important part of landscaping is practicing preventative tree maintenance. It helps ensure your trees thrive in healthy conditions and minimize the risk of damages. Keep in touch with an experienced and professional Ottawa tree service to enhance the appearance and safety of your property.

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